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What your group fitness instructor doesn’t tell you: 3 Real Truth Facts

  Have you ever wondered what goes on in your fitness instructor’s head?  You know the girl (or guy) who stands in front of a room full of people, knowing well that all of those people have expectations from him or her yet each expectation is different and must be achieved?  That’s your group fitness […]

Confessions Of a Binge Eater PArt 2- I

Confessions of a Binge Eater Part 2: I am not alone

Did you miss part one of this guest blog series from my best friend, Dana Wikoff? If so, read Part 1: Breaking Through before reading part 2. xoxo, Crystal  “One of the worst parts about an eating disorder is the shame that goes along with it. You think you are the only one and people will […]

bingeating part 1

Confessions of a Binge Eater Part 1: Breaking Through

I  love this blog. As many of you know, I have suffered for years with an eating disorder so when my bestie offered to write this blog series, I quickly said yes!! The biggest lesson, I want you to learn from part 1? You are not alone. Luv you all big, xoxo      Guest […]

The Fitness Professional Diaries-

The Fitness Professional Diaries: Chapter 1 – What do they eat?

Keep reading for the Fitness Professional Diaries of 3 other fitness gals who just happen to be my best friends <3   Dana Wikoff, owner of Strong is In Fitness and Musings of A Multitasking Mom , is a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. I eat a lot!! I lift heavy weights plus am nursing a 10 month […]


Crystal’s Fave: At Home Workout Programs {2 are FREE}

It is no secret that I lost 100lbs working out at home. I have told my story many times of my fear of the gym. The first time I stepped foot in a gym to exercise was my first class I taught as an instructor!!! How’s that for some scary stuff I also have been […]


Fitness Fixes: Proper Lunge Form

Lunges are a powerhouse lower body movement (and one of my personal favorite)!   This one exercise strengthens your hips, glutes, quads, calves, and hamstrings. Many people shy away from lunges because of the unstable feeling compared to other lower body movements such as squatting. The split stance of a lunge puts the body in an […]


Fear is a prison: 5 steps to escaping

Fear has kept me caged in so many times. I have shied away from events, public speaking, teaching opportunities, appearing in fitness videos for large companies, and so much more.  There. I said it. Yeah, sometimes  most of the time, fear keeps me from achieving the goals I have for myself and my life. Ugh. […]


Boston Marathon: St Judes Hero {Stephanie Powell}

Guest blog by my best friend, Stephie. Keep reading for inspiration, motivation, and heart string tugging xoxo, Crystal  “Preparing for The 2015 Boston Marathon has been one of the most challenging experiences of my life. It has also been a journey that has taught me so much more than how to run a marathon. Its […]

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