Is she super mom?

Guest post from one of my best friends and TDF Manager, Dana Wikoff of Strong Is In Fitness One question I hear from people all the time is “Dana, how do you manage everything you do?!?!” The truth is, I do the best I can each day and try never to put myself down about […]


If the shoe fits…

It is no secret: I teach group fitness more than I breathe…ok so that may be a small exaggeration but since opening up my own women’s fitness studio, I have learned that I have to be ready to teach at a moments notice in case one of my instructors gets sick-  because no matter what, […]


Adidas miCoach – train smarter

I can’t deny. I’m a fitness junkie. I ‘m also a junkie for fitness tech gear, so when I saw the Adidas miCoach heart rate monitor, you know I was dying to try it!  There are several things about this particular heart rate monitor that I like, but I am going to tell you as […]


Go…take a hike #ahnu

When it comes to hiking, I admit to be a newbie. When it comes to shoe comfort, I’m a snob. I love a shoe that is stylish PLUS doesn’t hurt my feet. Often, the 2 don’t seem to be married in shoes lately. It’s like a bad divorce. Who do you live with?  You have […]


{Healthier} no bake oatmeal cookies

If you’ve been following my Facebook page  then you know my son has been working for almost 2 months with me as his trainer. I am proud to say he is doing great without starving, counting calories, eliminating food groups, or anything crazy. He eats gluten free and clean 80% of the time. He has treats, treat […]

Melt dark chocolate chips
Drizzle over unsalted almonds
Let set until chocolate isnt cools

How do I get my child to eat healthy?

If you follow my blog or Facebook page , then you know I don’t try to pretend to be a great chef..but I try My son (who is almost 15 is  wanting to change his lifestyle) so I have been training him for 6 weeks. His first month put him 12lbs lighter and 1 shirt […]

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Berry Oat Cobbler {Eat Better, Not Perfect}

I am really putting forth effort to cook more (above basics).  Food prep for the past 5 years has been basic proteins, veggies, and sweet potatoes- nothing more.  So what changed last week? Well my son, whom I love more than life, has decided he wants to try out for football next year so we […]

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Why can’t I lose weight?

Over the course of 5 years, I have trained hundreds of girls in my personal training programs and thousands in my e-programs. I started my career as a personal trainer with “6 Week Phit Challenges” 5 years ago. These online groups were so popular I had a wait list to join because I typically only take […]

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Banana Nut Bread Protein Pancakes

I can’t cook. I’m not kidding, Hell’s Kitchen won’t be calling me anytime soon. I’m not a good chef, I’m not good at coming up with recipes, and I am not good at making ideas up on a whim. So- since this actually turned out pretty yummy? I’m stoked!   Normally though…this is how I […]


I moved.

I didn’t like where I was, so I took the advice of Jim Rohn. I moved. Facebook was making changes that made it hard for my friends and followers on TDF to see my posts. I was getting loads of messages from people telling me they weren’t seeing TDF in their newsfeed and they were […]