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I want a perfect body by Stephanie Powell

What is the perfect body? What does it look like to you? What does it symbolize? by Stephanie Powell, TDF Manager and owner of Fit Mom Diaries  If someone asked me that today, I would tell you “imperfections, strength, confidence, and love. That to me is a perfect body.” If someone had asked me that […]


What’s in your gym bag?

    So you have watched that ultra long video and you are probably thinking- “Crystal you didn’t have to explain why EVERY item was in your bag, you only had to show us” … but if I did that, then I wouldn’t be ME because my personality requires me to give a reason for […]


If given the chance to better yourself, would you take it?

Please read guest blogger Rachel’s story of rising above her own walls. I love what she wrote and I know you will find her story very inspirational. ~ Crystal    “Rise Above.  Two words that can be taken in so many ways. There’s so many meanings to it, so many interpretations. To some they mean […]


Confessions of a {used to be cool} Mom

At one time…I was cool in his eyes.   At one time…I was able to answer his questions. At one time…I was allowed to hug him in public. At one time..I wasn’t ignored when I called him by his nickname. At one time..I would rock him to sleep at night. At one time..I felt like [...]


Do you want to learn to dance?

Do you love to dance? OR would you love to learn how to dance to simple choreography?  Either way- TDF Dance is what you are looking for!! It is basic choreography that is fun, makes you sweat, burns calories, and will leave you sore the next day!!! Dana Roxas is my TDF Dance choreographer and [...]


How to lose 10lbs FAST!

Want to lose 10lbs immediately? Like Right now?? Stand taller and play with a filter  I cannot even believe I am even posting these for the world but I think it’s a good lesson for everyone to see how the media and what I call Emotion Eaters (people who play on the emotions of others [...]


Do children pay attention to their parents?

September 2013, I started #PinkWednesday as a fun “thing” that everyone could participate in. No matter your age, race, weight, financial status, looks – no matter what- everyone was welcome to participate. Growing up I was never the popular girl, never picked first for sports or teams, I was just never in the “in” crowd. So when [...]


Real Weight Loss Transformations

I have been reading everywhere that many weight loss companies are using (aka stealing) weight loss transformation photos from individuals to sell their product. That is complete BS in my book!! So I thought I would share with you some real life weight loss transformations.  How do I know these are real? Well, all of [...]

Want a free fitness magazine each month?

It’s here and it’s FREE for you to download!!! Yes, I said – FREE!!!! Download here the first ever TDF Magazine Let me know what you think!! xoxo, Crystal  ps- Please use the buttons below to share it  


How to lose weight with a Hula Hoop

I admit, I haven’t had the opportunity to use a hula hoop since I was a little girl, so when I heard of FXP Hula Hoop Fitness System – I thought- hmm well that may be fun.  I wasn’t sure how great of a workout it would be honestly, but after just playing with it for 10 minutes [...]