The Lorna Jane Fitmas Gift Guide

Everyone is busy this time of year, no matter who you are.  I am the type of gift giver who likes to get as many gifts as possible for those on my Christmas list at the same place.  Most people on my list always get some form of fitness related item { except my son […]


Screw Perfection, part 2 #LiveLifeNow

Are you struggling with finding where you fit in to your own life? Do you have goals that you want to achieve yet you always find something imperfect about yourself that holds you back? If you read Screw Perfection Part 1, then you will love this next guest post from Stephanie Powell, owner of Fit […]


Is she super mom?

Guest post from one of my best friends and TDF Manager, Dana Wikoff of Strong Is In Fitness One question I hear from people all the time is “Dana, how do you manage everything you do?!?!” The truth is, I do the best I can each day and try never to put myself down about […]


If the shoe fits…

It is no secret: I teach group fitness more than I breathe…ok so that may be a small exaggeration but since opening up my own women’s fitness studio, I have learned that I have to be ready to teach at a moments notice in case one of my instructors gets sick-  because no matter what, […]


Adidas miCoach – train smarter

I can’t deny. I’m a fitness junkie. I ‘m also a junkie for fitness tech gear, so when I saw the Adidas miCoach heart rate monitor, you know I was dying to try it!  There are several things about this particular heart rate monitor that I like, but I am going to tell you as […]


Go…take a hike #ahnu

When it comes to hiking, I admit to be a newbie. When it comes to shoe comfort, I’m a snob. I love a shoe that is stylish PLUS doesn’t hurt my feet. Often, the 2 don’t seem to be married in shoes lately. It’s like a bad divorce. Who do you live with?  You have […]


{Healthier} no bake oatmeal cookies

If you’ve been following my Facebook page  then you know my son has been working for almost 2 months with me as his trainer. I am proud to say he is doing great without starving, counting calories, eliminating food groups, or anything crazy. He eats gluten free and clean 80% of the time. He has treats, treat […]

Melt dark chocolate chips
Drizzle over unsalted almonds
Let set until chocolate isnt cools

How do I get my child to eat healthy?

If you follow my blog or Facebook page , then you know I don’t try to pretend to be a great chef..but I try My son (who is almost 15 is  wanting to change his lifestyle) so I have been training him for 6 weeks. His first month put him 12lbs lighter and 1 shirt […]

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Berry Oat Cobbler {Eat Better, Not Perfect}

I am really putting forth effort to cook more (above basics).  Food prep for the past 5 years has been basic proteins, veggies, and sweet potatoes- nothing more.  So what changed last week? Well my son, whom I love more than life, has decided he wants to try out for football next year so we […]

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Why can’t I lose weight?

Over the course of 5 years, I have trained hundreds of girls in my personal training programs and thousands in my e-programs. I started my career as a personal trainer with “6 Week Phit Challenges” 5 years ago. These online groups were so popular I had a wait list to join because I typically only take […]