You know you want to Workout At Home but you don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

You know you want to Workout At Home but you can’t afford an expensive program? Don’t worry, I got you covered.

Ok….so yes I realize that sounds a lot like McDonald’s – but I had to say it like that, I just had to. (Basically because I think it’s funny, if you don’t…then you need to 😉 )

Let me explain how this came to pass:

Last month Mr TDF (Ronnie, my hubs) says to me, ” Crystal, don’t you have any programs you can sell for a dollar?!” I am laughing as I ask him if he thinks I am the new McDonald’s drive thru or what? He explains {very seriously} that he is 100% serious and there are many people struggling with funds as the holidays approach. He reminded me that over the course of 6 years (my time in the fitness industry) that I must have dozens of programs that are dormant.

He was right! The more I thought about this idea, the more I realized it would be more beneficial to TDFers if I sold these for a dollar now vs relaunching them {eventually} at regular price. The thing is, {eventually} never comes.   There are always new programs I’m writing, ideas I’ve dreamed up, and my creative cap is always on- so there will always be new programs, the dormant ones will never get a chance to relaunch– until now 😉

The first of the series of the “$1 Workouts” is out and ready for you!

Workout At Home with 10 2 Fit

Workout At Home

  • All information is in the Facebook group, so no waiting for products to be emailed, immediate access once added to the group. The “confirmation” or “Thank You” page after your order will have the information on where to send your request to join the group plus the quick links  but if you accidentally close down your browser before saving it, do not worry. I will be emailing you. Please allow me up to 12 hours to email you with the group information.  I like to personally email and thank all of my customers, because of this, I do not use an automated system. I hope you will understand why it’s important for me to reach out to each of you from my personal email and thank you for your order <3
  • $1 one time fee {yup, you read that correctly}
  • Access short workout demos
  • 3 day detox included
  • 10 day general food guide with food sub listed provided, this is not a customized food guide, it is a general easy to follow program
  • 10 day workout calendar included, workouts may be done at home or the gym, workouts take less than 1 hour to complete

Grab this one before it expires! 

Next month? “Kick Your Butt For A Buck” will go out on my newsletter- so be sure you are subscribed to get first dibs on purchasing!




FREE 60 Day Reboot Challenge + Meal Guides + Workouts
FREE 60 Day Reboot Challenge + Meal Guides + Workouts

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