You know those amazing employees who win “employee of the year”, get promoted consistently, and are the ones employers BEG to hire?

That’s not me.

I was a bad employee. I’m not even exaggerating. Maybe the baddest bad employee of all, I should probably hold a title in the Guinness World Records book! I tried really hard to be great at my jobs, I worked hard, rarely missed work, did what I was told, and focused on finishing all of my tasks without errors.

Bad Employee Turned Great Self Boss

So why was I a bad employee?

It’s because I wanted to be the boss! But not just any boss: MY OWN BOSS.

bad employee


☆I wanted to build my own empire
☆I wanted to be in control of my income
☆I wanted to spend more time with my family
☆I wanted my uniform to be yoga pants and messy buns
☆I wanted long lunches and mini day dates with my hubs
☆I wanted to choose when I decided to end my work day
☆I wanted to boss myself around instead of being bossed
☆I wanted to choose what I sold, endorsed, and promoted
☆I had big dreams that didn’t involve working for someone else
☆I wanted to enjoy snowy days and have every summer at home
☆I wanted to pee whenever I felt like it without waiting on someone to cover me
☆I wanted my “office” to be anywhere from coffee shops to my couch to the beach
☆I wanted to choose my coworkers (who are now 2 doglets instead of catty women)

I wanted more…………

The Weight Of the world

One Friday late in the school year, a mama left work early to surprise her son with an early pickup and ice cream date. This was his last year in elementary and as a fifth grader, he seemed too little to go into middle school next year so his mama wanted to relish in as many “little boy” moments she could while she still had time. When she went to pick him up, his teacher said, “Who’s son are you here to get?”. The mama’s face dropped and tears swelled in her eyes because her son’s teacher didn’t know who she was. You see, this mama worked until 5:30pm every day so her mother in law would pick her son up after school each day. It wasn’t the teachers fault she didn’t know her, but it broke the mama’s heart because she felt like she should have been more present in his school life. She had missed every field trip, every end of the year field/recess day, every classroom party, and never got to be homeroom mom. The world fell on her shoulders and she prayed that God would give her strength to get to the car without crying. She put on a brave face, signed her son out, his little face lit up when he saw her there to get him, and as they walked toward the car she silently made a promise to herself that this would never happen again.

That “mama” was me. That little boy was my son.

Now as he is in the latter part of his junior year in high school, when I call the school- his teachers know my name and they know who my son is.

That may not mean much to everyone, but to me – it is a priority in my life.

The Boss Of Me

So…are you a bad employee too? It’s ok! I’ve started a club called “The Bad Employees Club”, it’s like Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club except we are fully clothed working at home mamas instead of twerking in bloomies,  we drink coffee instead of liquor at 8am, and turn up only to around 9pm with family movies instead of closing the club down. Ok, so maybe we are nothing like the BGC 😉

My point? It’s ok to be a bad employee because those bad employees make great bosses of their own businesses.

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FREE 60 Day Reboot Challenge + Meal Guides + Workouts

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