Google: How To Post On Social Media…….

…………….you will get a million + 5 answers, right?

 So who’s advice do you follow? Who is right?

What if I told you NONE of them are right. How to post on social media is unique to each person because each person’s audience is different.  I admit, a few years ago, I feel into that trap of trying to get all of the times, posts, types 100% correct according to the experts.

Then one day, social media wasn’t fun anymore.

When “non-work” turns into work, I’m outtie.

Social media had turned into a job that was carefully formatted, strategically planned, and formulated to be something I was not. If you know me in real life, you know I am not a planner, I am not precise, and I am not a slave to a clock.

The rules on how to post on social media made me crazy.

It’s a big joke in my life that I #dowhatIwant, especially in social media.

I now follow this self-created-crystal-rule also with my social media clients. So let me share a tip for everyone who is googling themselves silly, how-to-post-on-social-mediafollowing graphs + charts that say post XYZ on XYZ date at XYZ time, post X times a day, post X type of photo, post your sales link X times a week, don’t post on X day of the week….blah blah blah…I swear that makes me think of the teacher in Charlie Brown because it’s all gibberish to me and I tune it out.

Want to succeed on social media?

Forget the rules, do what works for you, and geez o pete: stay off google

  • Post what feels good to YOU.
  • Post when it feels good to YOU.
  • Post your sales link as YOU see fit.
  • Post on the day of the week that feels good to YOU.
  • Post the number of times a day that feels good to YOU.

Seeing a trend here?

It’s YOUR social media platform, YOUR audience, YOUR voice. Why in the hell would you feel like someone else can tell you when YOUR audience wants to hear from you, what YOUR audience wants to hear from you, and how many times a day YOUR audience wants to see your posts?

Social media is my jam, I love it & adore working with my clients…their results from my system prove that breaking rules is the way to go

FREE 60 Day Reboot Challenge + Meal Guides + Workouts
FREE 60 Day Reboot Challenge + Meal Guides + Workouts

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