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In September of 2003, Crystal found herself, literally, at the bottom of a hill. Her son wanted to look out of a lighthouse at the top of a hill in a park, but Crystal realized that she was so out of shape that she would have to wait at the bottom of the hill. As her husband and son raced to the lighthouse, she stood by waiting with tears streaming down her face.

That day, Crystal embarked on a journey to lose 100 pounds.  She had missed out on a moment with her beloved son because she had allowed her weight to overtake her.  Crystal had gained 100 pounds during her pregnancy, and developed a binge-eating problem.  Her tearful experience at the park led Crystal to never to miss another moment in her son’s life and thus started her fitness journey to lose 100 pounds, a goal she reached in 5 years, 3 months, and 3 days.

Her motivation was her son; he was more powerful than the extra pounds, and more powerful than the food addiction.  Crystal worked hard for those 5 years, and continues to work hard every day.  She was determined not to be the “girl with the pretty face” and not to be defined by the number on the size tag or the scale.  Crystal worked hard to define herself, and not be the girl waiting at the bottom of the hill.  Along her fitness journey, she discovered that she had a gift; she could inspire others to embark on their own journeys and write their own stories. In 2010, she became certified to teach group fitness classes. In 2012, she earned her personal training and sports nutrition certifications.


Crystal is the owner and creator of Train Dirty Fitness, a place where people of all walks of life, in different stages of MEET CRYSTAL HONEYCUTTtheir own fitness journey, come together to offer encouragement, humor, and a lot of sass.  At its inception, Crystal could not have imagined that Train Dirty Fitness would reach to all of the corners of the United States!  Through her journey, and encouragement, Crystal has helped thousands of “TDFers” reach their goals or take that first step to climb their own hills.

Crystal is a tenacious and fierce woman whose passion is to help others reach their potential.  She is a certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, and group fitness instructor.  The girl, who 10 years ago stood at the bottom of a hill, waiting, today undertakes several hours of group fitness classes and personal workouts each day.

That same girl, today is affectionately known as the “squat queen.” Through her experience, knowledge, and encouragement, thousands of people who were waiting, as she was, have embarked on their own journey, knowing that Crystal is there to teach, and cheer them on along the way.



  • Motivational Coach, 100lb weight loss success
  • Creater/Owner  TDF Bootcamp, TDF HIIT, TDF Dance, TDF Kick
  • JNL Fusion Master Trainer
  • AFAA Biggest Loser Certified Pro Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ACE Group Training
  • ACE Kickboxing
  • IFA Certified Personal Trainer
  • IFA Certified Sports Nutritionist
  • IFA Certifed Group Fitness Instructor
  • IFA Certified Kickboxing Instuctor
  • IFA Certified Yoga Instructor
  • QiDance, TurboKick, Hip Hop Hustle, PiYo, Urban Striptease, Flirty Girl Fitness, UGI Fitness


  • {success stories}
  • {success stories}
  • Shape Magazine 2 page spread July 2009
  • Women’s First November 2009
  • OH! Only Health, cover and 5 page spread October 2011
  • Pink Couture Magazine, cover and spread + interview March and April 2012
  • Featured in Success From Home magazine twice in 2012 for succeeding in network marketing
  • March 2014 – Pinup Model for 2 Ton Tattoo Gallery
  • April 2014- Cover of TDF Magazine
  • May 2014- Cover & Feature for The Healthy Housewives magazine
  • November 2014- Women’s First

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