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Hello Gorgeous:

Do you love your Instagram account?

Are you following all of the “rules”, themes, and patterns…yet still having no luck?

Have you thought for a second that maybe your audience doesn’t want a carefully laid out pattern?

Instagram isn’t just the place to sell your product, it’s a visual photo album inside YOUR life. Too many businesses have lost the social aspect of social media, reverting to sales only posts is turning away your potential audience! If your Instagram is full of salesy posts, stock photos, and pushy captions – you will not see the results you are looking for.

Instagram is personal, keep it that way for your audience and you will see growth. People follow people and engage with people, not a product.

This is not a “one size fits all” and I can’t guarantee numbers because when working with REAL people, not bots, I can’t control how many will become part of your audience. Any Instagram management tool that promises you a number, isn’t using real people because real people can’t be guaranteed.

DO YOU see dozens of notifications at each log in?

Is your Instagram like a field of crickets?

Did you take time crafting the perfect caption on your adorable filtered selfie only to get 2 likes and no comments? I can fix that.

You deserve to be seen, your voice deserves to be heard.

Your phone will buzz all day with notifications, you will get comments + likes on your photos from REAL people – not bots.

Tired of juggling social media & real life?

We’ve all heard it: work your social media account 2-3 hours per week and you will grow.

I call BS on that one.

Want to grow? Spend an hour or 2 a day focusing solely on growth.

No time for that?

That’s where I come in. You focus on your biz, I focus on your Insta.


only ONE OPENING: August 1st

30 days – Instagram Management

  • client is to create Instagram, if not already done
  • client to provide management with username and password
  • client to provide personal, nonstock/sales images weekly (75-100 photos per month)
  • client to respond to comments by followers
  • management to post 1 photo per day (unless client prefers management to spend the entire time working on growth, in which case, the client will do all the postings)
  • management to create caption (unless client prefers management to spend the entire time working on growth, in which case, the client will do all the postings)
  • management to create hashtags (unless client prefers management to spend the entire time working on growth, in which case, the client will do all the postings)
  • management to work minimum of 60 hours/month, average is 75-80 hours
  • management does not provide Instagram training
  • management does not guarantee specific number of followers, average is 700-1200/week or 2800-5000/month
  • management abides by a confidentiality agreement with client not to disclose client’s name
  • management does not offer refunds

Testimonials from clients:

“When I started my Instagram account I had very slow and steady growth and then no growth at all. I thought I was doing all the right things to make my following grow, but it was at a standstill. I finally reached out to Crystal for help and she more than doubled my Instagram following in less than 30 days.  She also showed me exactly what I needed to do to keep my page growing!!” S. Powell  

“Crystal grew my account to over 5,000 followers in less than 60 days. I tried on my own and wasn’t able to achieve even close to the same results she does. Her system is science and mathematical magic!! I recommend this training technique to anyone wanting to build a social media presence on Instagram.” E. Rogers

“Crystal Honeycutt is a tenacious, inspiring, dynamo with a can-do attitude.  In my personal experiences with working with Crystal, I have watched her inspire my own family members to ‘be more’ until they are the director of training at a local YMCA, one of the largest in the nation. On a business level, Crystal has changed my fledgling business of 20 contacts to 12K followers in 4 short months! No one does that. She carries with her a positive and Godly spirit that is infectious, honest and true. She is never less than herself. Crystal will tell you in all honesty what works and what doesn’t. If you use Crystal for your branding and business growth you will be making one of the best decisions for your company and your future.” K. Rayburn

16 weeks
16 weeks


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