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Are you frustrated, struggling to find out where you fit in your personal life and career? 

Need help learning how to be a successful wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, and all while retaining control of who YOU are in the midst of taking care of everyone else?

Would you thrive best in a group with other women just like you, gaining direction from mentors who have already paved the road you WANT to travel?

Does having monthly training at your fingertips appeal to you rather than googling for hours to find the answer? 

Have you wanted to work with me in the past or wanted to have more access to my own personal development?

How I stay positive in a negative world? How I remain professional during unprofessional moments?

How I refuse to allow chaos override peace?

Social Success Media Training –

like never before seen…

A Regular Girl’s Guide To Success is the next generation in success & social media training. 

It’s here.

This program is designed to coach & mentor you not only on social media training but takes you inside my life and business. You will gain access to everything I know and all the every day practices I use to not only keep my following of over 100,000 people but grow this number each day.  Every month you have a new training modules added. This takes the place of my private consultations which are more expensive and don’t allow you access to other like minded, phenomenal women, who all have the same goal as you: to succeed in this life. 

Keep in mind that success is different for everyone, which is this is a community program. You will grow, learn, develop, and thrive in a whole new way as YOUR community of support grows in the group.  

  • Q&A time with me 

  • learn who your online tribe really is

  • why is blogging important
  • discovering your brand
  • opportunities to do reviews for product and/or compensation
  • get inside access to my family and how I have managed an almost 20 year marriage, weathering some rocky storms without ever spilling a single negative word on social media

  • find out how Ronnie & I learned that working together in this business brought us closer

  • new content added each monthly  in the private Social Media Training Facebook group

  • access to older content via my private website
  • personal development

  • learn why it is imperative you use correct layouts of photos for each social media platform
  • social media training that covers everything from personal to business

  • overcoming fear, rejection, failure, and negativity  on social media

  • social media training: creating success in your area

  • keeping your social media footprint clean

  • step by step monthly training programs on growing Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook
  • how to hold a profitable vendor fair that keeps vendors coming back to you for each event
  • SEO, keyword, and brand building files uploaded already in the program
  • plus much more

This is the updated version “TDF Bombshells” program that dozens of women had success with a few years ago. It’s been revamped, updated, and now covers EVERYTHING you need to be a success.  {PS- ALL of the TDF Bombshells info is uploaded in the files section, so you still have access to all of my trainings 2012-2015}

This is a lifetime subscription.

Client Praise:

social media training “This program has given me the tools, tips and tricks to  move forward in my goals (business, personal,  fitness). It’s great to see progress and not feel like  I’m spinning my wheels.”Nikki

“Revive, this program,  has done just that with my life. It has  brought back my desires to go after my goals and  dreams. You have to do the work, but it works.  Best blessing I have done for myself!!”Tina

” This program, has revealed my confidence, in which I lacked. This program has guided me with multitudes of tools to pursue my goals in fitness, business and my personal life! Great mentorship! “ Wendy

“This program has encouraged me to continue along my journey to being my own boss. It has given me the knowledge and confidence I need to build a business. The information I have received has been beyond helpful, and the support is the best. I love that I have been able to do it at my own pace, and still be encouraged!” Amber

“Joining this has been a definite eye opening experience. I am really starting to feel that it is ok to get out of my own way and go for what I want because of the guidance and support. I feel like this is my “safe place” to dream and dream big. Dani

“Just when I thought I knew it all I have been Revived!!! My outlook on the business I want to build has been changed forever. With this I’ve been given the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of those before me so I can learn how to flourish smarter not harder. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn that your dreams can be made a reality.” TY

“With social media being the norm….I decided to get training. Focusing on instagram. Not only did my numbers triple in a week following the guide line, my followers grew. I can reach more people. And motivate them….thank you Crystal Honeycutt for your training and step by step help.
Is social media your platform?? Then get the right training and grow.” Kalen 

Crystal has AMAZING training on how to boost your website to be seen my google!! Not only did she walk me through each step, she also took the time to make a video for me to explain it even more!!! Having your website be seen when people search Google is very important for your business!!! I highly recommend her social media trainings!! Thank you Crystal!!!” Dana 


Before you decide on your purchase, this program IS included in the TDF VIP All Access Membership, so check it out also for the bundle deal with the entire package!

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