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Become a TDF Boot Camp instructor at home and at your own pace! Within 24 hours of your purchase of this program, you will be added to the TDF Community group that houses all of the training materials. If you are not a member of the TDF community, join here!

Note: There are NO CECs associated with this at home training program

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This 60-minute class features cardio conditioning, strength training and core development. Find out what makes this class so different…
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The Train Dirty Fitness Boot Camp training course will teach you how to successfully create a high intensity weight and cardiovascular training program that properly develops progressions for all abilities. You will learn to instruct all levels of students, including deconditioned participants, and gain an understanding of effective cueing. Participants will learn how to select safe movements that will maintain class interest while slowly manipulating the intensity to best suit their clients’ current levels of fitness.

During this course, you will be introduced a format that is easy to teach and to follow. This course focuses on teaching a basic understanding of physiology, kinesiology and anatomy principles, as well as discussing the relationship between movement and music.

This is not a licensed or franchised program. There are no fees for the facilities to offer the TDF Boot Camp program and instructors are not required to pay monthly dues. TDF Boot Camp instructors have the freedom to design their own classes or use pre-designed blocks created by Crystal Honeycutt and the TDF Master Trainers.

This is a great course for a beginner instructor or those learning how to develop their own freestyle,strength building class.

As a TDF Boot Camp training course participant, you’ll receive EVERYTHING you need to teach this format, including:

  • FREE Access to the Train Dirty Fitness Instructor Site
  • Certificate of Completion to teach ANYWHERE


*Refunds are not available. 


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