Are you attracting your tribe or spending your time begging on Facebook? If there is a huge gap between customers and you, then something isn’t right. Following my Social Media Strategy tips will bridge that gap and start bringing customers TO you…no more chasing them or adding them to sales groups without their permission 😉

My Social Media Strategy For The Regular Girl


Speak For Yourself

Stop trying to be like your friend, your mentor, celebrities, the girl you see with half a million followers, orsocial media strategy anyone else. Do you know that your friends can tell if you aren’t using your authentic voice? Trust me, they know and they can see it a mile a way. Post on social media just as you would if you were talking to someone in person. Never, ever copy someone else’s status update. That will kill your voice immediately. You have so much to offer to this world, why would you copy someone else’s thoughts anyway?  You my friend don’t need to be a copy, you were created uniquely you. That’s something to be proud of.

Be Fun

Don’t be afraid to post a silly photo or you having fun with your family! Your friends need to seeSocial Media Strategy
you are more than a sales pitch. They need to see you. Look through your newsfeed, it’s depressing most days isn’t it?  This world is full of enough negativity, so every day you have the chance to change that!  A fun photo won’t make people think less of you, I promise! It will instead show them you are just like them- a real person! People do not make purchases from those who bug them the most, they make purchases from those they trust. Trust begins when people are allowed to get to know one another. That isn’t an easy task on social media, but if you allow people to see the real you, that’s where trust starts to build. Make those funny faces, social media needs more of that.

Be Social

Social media is all about being social, yet in recent years it has taken a turn towards another S word: sales. The problem is your customers don’t agree with this new wave of “sales media”.  They are on social media to be social so if you try to conform them to sales instead? You will be begging them for any interaction with you.  Get to know your friends and followers. Ask them about their children, their spouses, their jobs…socially engage with them. People love to talk about themselves. Give them that opportunity.  Stop thinking it’s Sales Media and go back to what it was originally intended for: Social Media. Do this and you will see a rise in your engagement.

SHH Be Quiet

Listen first to what your friends are saying. What are their interests, their problems, what do they need? You may NOT have the product that is right for them, so don’t sell it to them just to make a sale. When someone contacts you about the products you offer, ask questions and then be quiet. Listen to their answers. If your product is not the best solution for them, refer them to someone else.  One of the worst mistakes you can do as an entrepreneur is knowingly sell a product that isn’t the solution for your customer’s problem. It’s going to happen on accident from time to time, but never sell just to make a sale 🙂 Be a resource, not a sales pitch.

No More Begging For You

That’s it! My social media strategy tips to attract customers to you! If you follow these tips you won’t find yourself begging for sales on Facebook.

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3 thoughts on “Stop Begging For Sales On Facebook And Use My Social Media Strategy

  1. As a newbie to blogging and social media, I do find it all overwhelming. Especially as so many platforms constantly change how they work ! Taking it one day at a time and working on creating great content right now. Good to know some folks are out there ahead of my game! Thanks for the great post.

    Posted on November 11, 2016 at 4:12 pm
    1. Hi Melissa! Thanks for reading!! You are so welcome and I am glad I could help!! It’s so hard when you are just starting out especially with so much information – and often the info is wrong 🙁 I’m happy to help you in any way I can! xoxo- Crystal

      Posted on November 11, 2016 at 4:15 pm