Train Dirty Fitness Classes With Crystal Honeycutt

Walking into a gym can be scary, taking a new group fitness class can be hard if you see no familiar face in there, and let’s be honest: just making the commitment to take care of YOU is not an easy task.

I commend every woman who gets out of the car and walks through the front door, because often we don’t realize the will power that took. It’s scary to attempt something new, it’s not easy to begin a fitness journey, and it’s hard to say “I can” when you’ve only heard “you can’t” for years….right?


This is where it all changes for you… my classes, it’s not like that. 

The first class is the hardest, you dont know what to expect.  No one has a “spot” in my classes. You want the back row? Go on, be a back row super star. Like the front? Come on up to the front row diva section. Want somewhere in the middle? That’s cool! You can be a supa star in the middle rows! See? There is no wrong, there is no right.

Worried about the class itself and if you can keep up? Don’t. I will show modifications for everything, often with a level Hard/Harder/Hardest – I don’t call it “modifying” because when you leave, you need to feel powerful and if you did level Hard? You feel powerful vs saying you did modifier. Your confidence is very important to me and I will do everything I can to build up what the world destroyed.

You are never going to be alone again.

I am here for you.

We start as a team, we finish as a team.



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